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35+ Years of Experience

About Me

I have been involved in more than 150 retail propane acquisitions and valuations in more than 23 years. I have also been involved in providing turnaround advice to companies with poor cash flow or losses and we have also worked with guys who just want to do a startup propane company. As a knowledgeable Consultant on acquisitions I havebeen called upon to provide expert witness testimony for such matters as the value of a retail propane company, non-competes and excess compensation. I am a CPA (inactive), licensed by the State of Ohio in 1979 and I provide financial advice as well as accounting and tax services.
About Me


Seller Representation

Jim Hinkle represents owners of retail propane businesses wishing to exit the industry. I have been involved in more than 150 of these transactions and i am very active through Closing. As Yogi Berra once said "it ain't over till it's over."

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Business Valuations

For the past 25 years I’ve been doing business valuations for propane dealers. I've provided these values for Buying or Selling a Business, Estate Taxes, Domestic Relations Disputes, ESOPs, AOC 305 & 850 Adjustments, Bank Borrowing and still more.

Management & Startup Advisory

I provide operating and financial advice for an owner who needs a turnaround or for someone who wants to enter the propane industry by doing a Startup. I also provide accounting services, financial statements tax returns for propane dealers of any size.

Expert Witness

I have provided Expert Witness Testimony for Propane Dealers involved in disputes over Business Value, Non Competes, Goodwill, Excess Compensation and more. Jim Hinkle has provided Expert Witness Testimony from Washington DC to California, with stops in between in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and others...